Audiense Generates 60+ Customer Testimonials and Improves Brand Positioning, Influencing More Deals with G2 Seller Solutions

Influencing Buyers of Audience Intelligence Platforms with Customer Voice


Audiense was already an active user of G2 when they noticed there was no formal recognition of the Audience Intelligence Platforms category on G2 and that buyers were confused on how to benchmark these platforms and research the space. Another challenge the Audiense team faced was they needed more user feedback and reviews that could be repurposed for their marketing collateral.


Results were impressive and included:
60+ new customer testimonials in less than six months
2X ROI for the full year of their G2 Seller Solutions subscription in one month

In addition to the number of new reviews generated, Audiense was able to create a more robust internal content strategy and website presence to display all the good content that had sprouted in G2.

Audiense started by doing an internal audit of their company and product presence on G2. They pinpointed which categories they and their competitors were at play and made a plan. Audiense paid special attention to improving their G2 profile by following G2 recommendations to add more info and transparency about the product, user friendly videos, and additional downloadable assets.

Audiense launched a review campaign to gather feedback and start to understand what makes their product unique and where they could improve. These reviews served a few purposes for the Audiense team:

  • First, it gave them a clear look at why customers were choosing them over their competitors.
  • Next, it gave them a look into where they could improve their product.
  • Finally, these new reviews helped Audiense improve their visibility to potential customers searching for their products on G2.

Next, Audiense worked with the G2 market research team to create the Audience Intelligence category and the market players that should be considered to it. This strategy ensured that when potential customers searched for Audience Intelligence, there would be a catalog of new reviews for that category.

Within the first month of implementing their new strategy, Audiense closed two contracts whose buying decision was informed by G2’s content. These two contracts provided 2x ROI for the full years subscription to G2, freeing up another 11 months to continue to reap the benefits.

Audiense is currently a Leader in four G2 categories: Social Media Analytics, Social Media Monitoring, Influencer Marketing and Audience Intelligence. This strategy along with the creation of the new category has helped traffic quickly build up and positioned Audiense as an important player in the audience intelligence space.

Using G2 Buyer Intent Data, Audiense can start gathering more qualified leads in the newly created G2 Audience Intelligence category.

The addition of new customer reviews on their G2 profile ensures that when anyone is looking for their next audience insights tool, Audiense has an arsenal of fresh, glowing reviews from people who love their product.

“G2 provides a great platform to inform the buyer's decision process by having a clear market positioning and benchmark of your product." - Paz Segura, Marketing Manager at Audiense