Doubles Their Google Campaign Lead Volume With G2 Content

Using Cost-Effective Content to Beat the Competition

Challenge was looking to build an inbound go-to-market strategy. As the B2B buying process has shifted to more closely reflect B2C buying, this process has become key for businesses of all types and sizes. Prospects are turning to reviews and peer experiences to guide buying decisions, making the voice of the customer more important than ever before. was looking for a way to elevate their customers’ voices while also increasing brand awareness. After learning more about G2, made an informed decision to leverage a G2 Profile and Content Subscription, to build their brand and drive more traffic and leads.


Results were impressive and included:
30% Higher CTR on LinkedIn Sponsored Content.
2X Conversion rate on Google Adwords campaigns.
13% Traffic increase to
34% Increase in monthly page views to LinkedIn profile.

The first step in’s G2 journey was to capture the voice of their customers in the form of reviews. Following G2’s best practices, ran review campaigns and collected dozens of reviews. After seeing traction from their campaign, wanted to amplify their customer voice, captured in G2 reviews and content, across their site to help guide future buyers. The G2 Content Subscription was the perfect way to do just that. Within just three weeks of signing with G2, had G2 content positioned on their site and social channels. As a result of their G2 Content Subscription, had access to the reports they were included in, and could share those to in-market prospects and generate demand. began with a press release promoting their placement and awards in G2’s reports, and published a blog post showcasing the badges they earned. They also created landing pages for each report, which now live in the resource section of their website.

To get maximum value from their G2 content, shared their posts and content to the right channels. They knew news-type posts are engaged with the most on LinkedIn, so when posting on LinkedIn, made sure to craft the perfect LinkedIn message. They created banners summarizing results and promoted posts around the awards they won. For warmer prospects, they promoted a comparison report and outlined how they were outranking the competition on G2.

One of the most critical aspects in seeing ROI from the Content Subscription was to make sure Sales and Marketing were aligned around the messaging and promotion of the reports.’s sales team is leveraging these reports with prospects, adding true value to emails they send. uses G2 content across their entire marketing strategy. This includes G2 reviews, grid positioning, and awards, which all help increase brand awareness and differentiation. They also use G2 reports and insights to help increase site engagement, and use assets created from G2 reports on platforms like LinkedIn, which continue to convert more leads and close won deals. After updating their profile and running a review campaign, traffic to their profile grew, leading to a 20% increase in referral traffic, which converted 3x higher than other referral traffic.

"The volume and quality of assets we were able to create from G2 within a short time frame was more cost-effective and time-effective than 3+ months of work.” - Gideon Thomas, VP of Growth,