Founder of Rentgrata Uses humanpredictions to Quickly Scale up Engineering Team

How Ben Margolit used humanpredictions to make crucial tech hires and avoid agency fees.


Rentgrata, a messaging platform for apartment renters and management companies, had a technical lead who needed immediate help… Ben was taken back by how much agency recruiters would cost, and was wary of the value of job boards.

Ben had two options:
1. Spend his valuable time as a founder trying to recruit a technical leader, something he had never done before.
2. Pay a premium to a staffing agency (somewhere between 15-30% of a first year salary)


Ben decided to leverage humanpredictions (as well as our support team of tech recruiters) to help his company make key early tech hires.

We created custom searches within the platform to surface candidates who were not only technically qualified, but also personally interested in Rentgrata’s mission. The humanpredictions team then provided effective email copy based on what they’d seen work well with other founders, and helped Ben match it to his voice and the Rentgrata brand.

The result was Ben accomplishing a senior level technical hire through humanpredictions within 6-weeks, while completely avoiding tens of thousands of dollars in agency fees. Ben has since returned to work with humanpredictions on subsequent hires. The early tech hires gave Ben the freedom to focus on being a founder.

humanpredictions’ aggregates hundreds of data points on technical talent from 40+ unique tech communities. By continuously updating this information, we not only possess the cleanest database, but can also predict when tech talent is most likely to change jobs based on public signals & tenure data.

We were founded, and now run, by industry experts in technical recruiting.

“Without humanpredictions, I’m certain the search for technical talent would consume the majority of my time. I know able to discover and reach quality candidates all over the US within hours instead of days. They’ve turned a once daunting task into a manageable one.” - Ben Margolit