HMB Legal Counsel Represents Hyde Park Angels in YCharts Investment

HMB works with HPA from seed through later state investments in YCharts.

Since its founding in 2009, YCharts has grown from an investment research tool to a full-service fundamental research platform. HPA’s initial investment in YCharts was in 2010 in a transaction led by HPA. HMB was principally responsible for negotiating and drafting the YCharts investment documents and worked closely with company counsel in accomplishing the initial investment from HPA and a number of Chicago angel investors. As YCharts grew, it attracted strategic investments from large companies, first Morningstar and then Reed Elsivier (now RELX). HPA participated in each of these investment rounds. HMB worked alongside company counsel in negotiating and documenting these investments opposite large law firm counsel from Morningstar and RELX as YCharts expanded and its board of directors grew in size. HMB also assisted with option plans and employment agreements along the way.

As its work on YCharts demonstrates, HMB believes in cordial, respectful, cooperative relationships with other transactional counsel. HMB believes these working relationships with other lawyers are crucial to working efficiently and effectively and accomplishing everyone’s mutual business goals.