How a Growing and Complex Healthtech Organization Saved Time and Money with Wipfli

Centauri Health Solutions partnered with Wipfli to perform both HITRUST assessments and SOC audits, experiencing significant savings in time, money and resources because the audits cross the same services.


For healthcare technology companies like Centauri Health Solutions, information security has always been a priority, but different clients want and need different types of assurance that their data is in safe hands.

While this could prove to be a massive and time-consuming undertaking for such a large and complex organization, Centauri worked with Wipfli, a firm that could do more than just keep up. Wipfli’s biggest differentiator was its ability to coordinate complex engagements — making sure all the different pieces are done efficiently and with the least amount of stress on Centauri’s team.


The main benefit of performing HITRUST assessments and SOC audits is complying with client requests for these assurances. This is also applicable when Centauri pursues new business. When responding to RFPs, its HITRUST certification, as well as its ability to provide SOC 1 and SOC 2 reports, provides a competitive advantage over other vendors.

Centauri clients can rest assured their data is in safe hands and that the organization is committed to security now and into the future.

Centauri first partnered with Wipfli back when the organization was much smaller and was looking to get certified in the brand-new HITRUST CSF® program. Wipfli was one of the first firms to become a HITRUST Authorized External Assessor.

Since Centauri began working with Wipfli, they’ve continued to grow rapidly, adding not only new locations but also new business units. It became necessary to roll these units under multiple HITRUST validated assessments, as well as add SOC 1 and then SOC 2 to the picture.


"When the Wipfli team comes on site, we don’t feel like they’re the dreaded auditors. They’re here to help us work through the audits and answer our questions throughout the year. We value our partnership and the time we’ve spent building it. That’s one of the overwhelming factors of why we keep coming back.”