Due to Rapid Growth, Regroup Looks to CognosHR for Support

How Regroup Kept its Balance During its Rapid Growth


Because the company’s growth spurt happened so quickly, it needed additional HR support, so they decided to look for a partner who could provide the infrastructure that would allow them to hire and scale more efficiently. And hiring employees who lived all around the country presented some additional needs such as communication and support for remote employees and ensured compliance with each state’s unique employment laws.


When the Regroup team connected with CognosHR, they knew it was a fit. CognosHR also operates in 47 states, so handling the dispersed workforce was no problem. Today, Regroup relies on CognosHR to provide the following: health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, 401(k) plans, payroll management, state-to-state compliance and a dedicated HR point of contact for employees.

Chicago-based Regroup provides telepsychiatry services that connect clinicians with patients all over the country. Founded in 2011, the company entered a phase of rapid growth in 2016.

That growth included two funding rounds, increased revenue, and an urgent need to expand the team, which brought with it several logistical challenges.

Regroup was able to scale when they needed to without additional disruptions to its operations. The CognosHR team enables Regroup leaders to:

  1. Focus on Growth: With CognosHR handling HR, Regroup’s team is free to focus on sales, recruiting, and product development.
  2. Stay in compliance: Regroup’s clinicians are located in multiple states, which means multiple sets of employment laws to keep straight. CognosHR handles it all.
  3. Retain top talent: Growth is impossible without a strong team. Thanks to the benefits packages and support CognosHR makes possible, Regroup knows employee inquires are handled quickly and effectively.
“Right away, they made it clear they could make it easy to get started, give us fair pricing and great service.” - David Cohn, CEO.