Meyer Laws Works with PandaDoc as General Counsel to Drive Business Forward

The team at Meyer Law has helped PandaDoc as an outsourced General Counsel with 90+ matters including day-to-day operations, contract negotiations, human resources, corporate structure, protection of intellectual property, privacy, sales, strategy, and more.


PandaDoc had a team of 100, almost 6000 customers and aggressive growth plans after securing investment. PandaDoc needed consistent legal help to support its growth and wanted to make sure it was minimizing any unnecessary risk, protecting its confidential information and intellectual property, and putting efficient processes in place to keep up with the anticipated growth. PandaDoc was looking for a legal partner that had experience working with growing technology companies, they wanted transparency with respect to fees and were looking for a legal team that could move at the speed a scaling company needs.


In 2017, a former client joined PandaDoc and asked us to do a legal audit to get the company on a firm foundation to scale. The team at Meyer Law reviewed PandaDoc’s customer contracts, hiring contracts and processes, provided recommended updates and ultimately revised and strengthened PandaDoc’s various contracts used to support its business. Meyer Law continues to support PandaDoc as an outsourced General Counsel, and has worked on 90+ matters as PandaDoc has scaled to 20,000+ customers. The team at Meyer Law not only has the experience PandaDoc was looking for, having worked with and mentored thousands of technology companies across the United States, but PandaDoc also appreciates the transparency with respect to fees as Meyer Law provides estimates in advance to allow PandaDoc to budget and plan for its legal expenses. Not only are the lawyers at Meyer Law business-minded and understand the need to align the interests of the business while mitigating the risk for the business, but the team is nimble, fast-paced and regularly comes up with creative solutions to get deals done and move the business forward. Over the course of the relationship between PandaDoc and Meyer Law, PandaDoc has tripled the number of customers and quadrupled the size of its team and revenue!

Since 2017, Meyer Law has worked with PandaDoc as its outsourced General Counsel on 90+ matters to help drive the business forward. Backed by M12, HubSpot, and Rembrandt Venture Partners, PandaDoc provides an all-in-one document automation solution that streamlines the process of creating, approving, and e-signing, proposals, quotes and contracts and has 20,000+ customers, which led to over $20B in closed deals in 2019!

More specifically, Meyer Law:

  • Regularly leads ongoing negotiations with its customers to quickly and efficiently close deals.
  • Establishes an efficient contract process to streamline operations and best protect the company.
  • Draft related customer agreements, including terms of use for end users and an enterprise master agreement and statements of work.
  • Assists the company with increasing its revenues by drafting a referral agreement and affiliate agreement for strategic partner relationships.
  • Drafts a complex sales commission plan to incentivize the sales team and grow the business more quickly.
  • Negotiates an international strategic partnership agreement, aiding the company in further expanding its relationships overseas.
  • Revises hiring documents and related information, such as offer letter, employee confidentiality agreement, independent contractor agreement and employee handbook.
  • Drafts a playbook of the customer agreement and leads training courses to align the sales team and legal team.
  • Reviews and negotiates various leases for commercial office space.
  • Prepares and files various trademark applications and responds to office actions from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Assists with EU-US Privacy Shield framework certification, and amends existing contracts related to transferring personal data between countries.
  • Provides guidance with respect to various privacy laws including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and drafts related documents, policies and procedures and bolster existing contracts as it relates to confidentiality and data protection.
“The Lawyers at Meyer Law are a refreshing change from the lawyers we have worked with in the past. Not only are they responsive, fast and sharp legal minds, but they also take a genuine and tangible interest in the growth and success of our company.”