Performance-driven Growth Strategy

Bringing everybody’s favorite people to the people


Cameo was looking to create and promote video ads that let people know getting shoutouts from their favorite stars are just a few taps away.


We promoted the videos on social platforms and drove a 22x scale in media spend, 6x return on ad spend, and countless smiles!

We developed hundreds of videos that showcased the variety of stars and shoutouts people can get using Cameo. This generated brand buzz, drove sign ups, and turned Cameo’s presence into a recurring act for thousands of satisfied fans!


“SWIDIA was instrumental in scaling our paid social efforts at Cameo. They bring an incredible combination of critical thinking, innovative thinking and hard work to the table. It's rare to find an agency that is both creative and analytical but SWIDIA certainly is both. I highly recommend them for any brand looking to grow.”

- Marty Pesis, Director of Marketing, Cameo