ShipBob’s First Marketing Hire

How ShipBob's first critical marketing hire paved the way for future growth


ShipBob, a tech-enabled fulfillment service, needed to make a critical marketing hire to elevate the brand and drive growth for the business. This person would build out an entire marketing strategy and a team behind them to execute it. The candidate needed paramount experience in B2B software to make it happen.


Hunt Club understood that while the priority at the moment of the search was this single role, there was much more at stake for ShipBob. From this candidate will come a complete marketing strategy and a full marketing team rallying behind her. Hunt Club worked to fill this role with an individual who could deliver for ShipBob not just where they’re at now, but where they plan to be in the future.

Leveraging the help of 200+ subject matter experts, Hunt Club zeroed in on a specific breed of marketer who would be working closely with their growing sales team and who could work solo until building out their own team. Hunt Club identified 67 enthusiastic candidates, and screened the pool down to the 10 best players. In the end, ShipBob saw 207 experts leveraged, 67 referrals generated, 10 candidates introduced and $10,000 saved compared to traditional search.

"My experience with Hunt Club has been great in that I really feel they're a true extension of our team." - Casey Armstrong, CMO