THOR Industries Announces Partnership with TechNexus Venture Collaborative to Identify Strategic Opportunities

THOR Industries has entered into a strategic partnership with TechNexus to identify and engage an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and transformative start-up companies that align with THOR's strategic initiatives.

TechNexus operates as a force multiplier between ambitious enterprises and entrepreneurs to fund and incubate opportunities that lead to new market potential, and ultimately new revenue growth. To create a robust ecosystem, THOR and TechNexus will identify and develop ventures that leverage unique business models, emerging consumer trends, and advanced and new technology applications important to the Recreational Vehicle industry. Prioritizing early- and growth-stage companies globally, THOR and TechNexus will accelerate the success of portfolio companies by contributing industry and technical expertise, access to channel partnerships, and the ability to launch and scale innovative solutions through selective co-development opportunities with THOR.

THOR’s investment in this partnership will empower it to expand access to the RV lifestyle – for the explorers, ramblers, weekend warriors, and every adventurer in-between; and provides a pathway to engage with next-generation technologies like autonomy, robotics, electric vehicles (EV), and digital consumer experience.

More than just providing capital for growing ventures, the goal of this effort is to make it much easier for fast growing and innovative companies to do business with THOR and to give THOR a more diverse view of the technologies, experiences and features important to our growing customer base.

Read more on THOR Industries and TechNexus Venture Collaborative’s partnership here.

"Our venture with TechNexus is an important element of our commitment to maintain our leading position in the RV space not only today but well into the future as we continue to be the industry leader in the identification and adoption of developing technologies. The alignment of our internal innovation strategy with external resources through the venture with TechNexus will enable THOR to continue to move at pace and allow us to remain agile. This partnership will be an important part of the engine that will drive success in our strategic objectives" - Bob Martin, President and Chief Executive Officer at THOR