UL Automates Operational Processes with Catalytic Collaboration

Catalytic supports UL in developing internal automated solutions for real-time customer inquiry triage.


Presented with a number of internal inquiries regarding document support, UL needed a way to automate their intake process and provide real time responses to meet customer needs.


With the new FAQ Dynamic Form, our support staff experienced a 33% reduction in generic inquiry emails, an average email response time reduction from hours to minutes and increased availability to assist customers with more complex situations.

“UL is constantly exploring new ways to improve our customer’s overall experience in working with us. Our use of emerging technologies such as automation is just one example of how UL is working with entrepreneurs to explore new markets, technologies and business models in support of our mission for a safer and more secure and sustainable world. This work continues to function as a key step in UL’s global digital transformation journey.”

- Scot Webster, senior vice president and chief technology officer, UL