Wintrust Ventures Helps Regroup Therapy Achieve Merger with Insight Telepsychiatry with Equity and Debt Financing

Wintrust Ventures has helped Regroup fund working capital, manage cash runway, and execute a merger with Insight to become the largest behavioral Telepsychiatry provider: Insight + Regroup.


In 2017, Wintrust Ventures worked with Regroup to evaluate a debt structure relevant to the business that could provide liquidity to support growth, while preserving cash and extending runway. In 2019, WV helped provide additional liquidity in the form of equity, to support a path to the merger, as well as a path to profitability.


Regroup Therapy continued to grow its business substantially since 2017, working with Wintrust along the way in expanding the debt commitment and structure, while allowing the business to thrive. Ultimately, the business executed a successful merger with Insight, creating the largest company in the behavioral telepsychiatry space.

Wintrust continues to support the business in its equity, debt, and banking needs.