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Cooley is the #1 recognized market leader in the VC ecosystem. With more than five decades of unparalleled experience providing counsel to transformative companies, we are where innovation meets the law.

As a global law firm with 1,000+ VC financings annually, we offer full-service capabilities and deep industry knowledge to savvy, high-potential companies. Our attorneys provide sophisticated counsel to venture capital funds and VC-backed emerging companies in connection with their fundraising, governance and investment activities.

Cooley is a trusted advisor to 6,000+ innovative, high-growth private company clients – from pre-formation founder teams to many of the largest and most sophisticated companies in the world – including more than 35% of the US-based unicorns.

With global prominence in the field of VC fund formation, we serve as primary fund counsel to 500+ investment fund organizations and are the go-to destination for all capital markets transactions (notably, IPOs, SPACs and de-SPACs).

Cooley is proud to serve the HPA community with our partners Rachel Goddard, Yvan-Claude Pierre, Laurie Bauer and Greg Grossman deeply involved in the growth of HPA and the companies it serves.

Cooley is:

  • #1 firm for company-side VC Financings in the US and globally, per PitchBook 2021
  • Tier 1 nationally recognized by Chambers USA for Venture Capital and Startups
    • Tier 1 nationally recognized for Investment Funds since 2008
  • #1 firm for VC-backed IPOs across all industries for more than 15 years
    • More VC-backed IPOs than any other firm, per IPO Vital Signs and PitchBook
  • #1 firm advising companies going public across all industries since 2014
    • 1,000+ public offerings and 275+ IPOs from 2017-2021