2015 in Review: Our Top 3 Entrepreneurial Resource Series

December 15, 2015 By Alida Miranda-Wolff

2015 in Review: Our Top 3 Entrepreneurial Resource Series

We launched the official Hyde Park Angels blog in late January with one central goal — to demystify the early-stage investment process for entrepreneurs so they could successfully navigate the process and build their companies. Since then, we’ve broken down difficult concepts like term sheets, option pools, and venture debt and provided insights into how angels make investments and the dos and don’ts of pitching. Of all of our series, we’ve hand-selected our top 3 most used and recommended. Take a look.

Cap Table Series
· How to Read and Understand a Cap Table
· How to Measure Valuation
· How Option Pools Work

Pitching Series
· Building the Perfect Pitch
· 6 Killer Mistakes to Avoid in Your Pitch
· Pitch Your Startup in 30 Seconds
· Pitching Lessons from Applying to Shark Tank

Term Sheet Series
· Understanding Your Term Sheet Options
· How to Read an Equity Term Sheet
· 3 Key Terms in an Equity Term Sheet to Understand
· How to Read a Convertible Debt Term Sheet
· How to Understand Venture Debt
· 4 Ways to Negotiate with Investors Like a Pro

Are there entrepreneurial resources you need? Leave us your questions and recommendations in the comments section and see what we come up with in 2016.