HPA’s People First Approach Stands with Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter
June 5, 2020 By Cate LeSourd

First and foremost, as an organization, HPA stands with the Black community and supports the pursuit of justice and equality for all. We speak out against the racism and social injustices in our society, and show our support that #BlackLivesMatter.

Our nation has watched the recent acts of racism unfold with the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arberry, as well as the racial profiling against Christian Cooper. We also recognize that these documented moments are the tip of the iceberg in showing how systemic racism is a reality that has been embedded in the fabric of our nation since its origin.

While statements are important to break the silence and to show solidarity, ultimately, these are just words until we collectively take action for the good of our communities, city and nation. We do not pretend to have all the answers or desire to rush to announce an initiative out of a quick response. We do, however, commit to learn. To engage. To continue taking steps forward.

At HPA, our People First approach defines everything we do. Our greatest asset is our human capital.

In relation to our investing, we leverage the expertise of member investors and network partners who have started, scaled and/or sold their own companies, or who have served as executives to provide critical human capital resources throughout the investment process.

There are many steps firms can and should take to diversify their portfolios and add People of Color (POC) to positions of leadership. We at HPA will take these steps and leverage our People First approach in support of a diverse, inclusive and non-racist environment.

The expertise of our people provides access to entrepreneurs and founders, and we commit to furthering that access to underrepresented communities, specifically to POC. We seek to leverage our financial and human capital to provide more access to those who may not have access to the same resources or connections.

The core of HPA focuses on its people, which is why we need to be engaged. We can do more. We must do more. We will be thoughtful over the next several weeks and months about how we can be a part of creating change and driving solutions that will last. We acknowledge that this is only the beginning.

Let’s come together and work as a community to create lasting, societal change.

Thank you,
The team at HPA