Podcast: What it Takes to Lead Startups & Multimillion-Dollar Companies

joe beatty podcast cover
May 30, 2017 By Alida Miranda-Wolff

People First is the Hyde Park Angels podcast dedicated to deconstructing entrepreneurial success into actionable takeaways you can use today. Hyde Park Angels is the most active early-stage investor in Chicago with a commitment to taking a “people-first approach” to investing. By matching our members’ expertise with entrepreneurs’ needs, we help develop top-performing companies that are delivering extraordinary results. This episode features HPA member Joe Beatty.

Joe Beatty, former CEO of Tellular Corporation, joins HPA on our latest People First podcast to discuss the key skills for running both public and private companies. Key takeaways include:

  • How to build your team and fit your team members in their respective roles
  • How your actions and attitudes as a CEO permeate every single part of the business
  • How to stay disciplined and say no to things that will detract from your company
What it Takes to Lead Startups and Multimillion-Dollar Companies – Joe Beatty